TRAXY TUBE SUPPORT SYSTEM. New, innovative system, replaces regular tube inside the 140/80-18″ or 120/90-18″ rear hard enduro tyre, mounted on a 2.15-18″ rim. It’s intended use is for offroad only, extreme enduro type of riding. Using this system, the rider will benefit from:

Superior traction

Air cushion feel

Low weight

Tyre bead stays locked firmly on to the rim

Tyre puncture doesn’t have negative effect on the performance

Highly reduced chance of pinching the tube due to reduced tube flat width with Traxy Tube Support

Quick adaption to different terrain and track condition with air pressure

Increases tyre lifetime

Boost in self-confidence when riding hard sections

Use and install the Traxy Tube Support system according to instructions for use and mounting instructions. Always install genuine components of the system to get optimal performance.